At the CeBIT exhibition in Germany, GOSCAM accelerated the international layout.




On March 20th, the world's largest ICT science and technology event - 2017 CeBIT was opened in Hannover, Germany. GOSCAM take part in it and show the charm of internet camera products to the European market

CeBIT is the world's largest ICT worldwide premier event that shows innovations in digital IT, home and office communications solutions with target buyers coming from industries, wholesale and retails, trading, banking, services, government agencies and research companies

GOSCAM is one of the few manufacturers that can provide total solutions of equipment & erminals, hardware and software development, and video surveillance management platform. At this annual exhibition in Germany(Cebit), GOSCAM brings with the latest products such as wireless security kits, IP Camera series and inspection camera series, through the professional booth, professional products and professional sales team to show out why we are a leading company

GOSCAM shows the technical strength and professional service attitude here; more and more peers and customers have seen the quality, sincerity and the continuous development ability, greatly enhance the international influence of GOSCAM! At the same time, GOSCAM also took this opportunity to collect a lot of industry and market information, to support the further development of oversea market

For more than a decade, GOSCAM has gained more and more overseas customers with its strong manufacturing capabilities, strict quality management standards, complete product testing & certification and perfect after-sales service. The products are exported to the United States, Germany, Japan, Australia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other markets, you can by products in  major sales channels such as Wal-Mart, Costco, Sam's Club, Lowe's, Target, Sears, Fry's, Homedepot, Amazon, Lidl, Aldi , and got applause by high quality service and cost-effective products

In the future, GOSCAM will continuously expand the overseas market and seek for the internationalization business. Born in this country of world changes center, in the era of overseas purchasing & trading, we must insist “customer first”, focus on technology research, seeking for innovation on video performance, to enlarge our product line.  Offer the world the excellent “Made in China “products 

Serve the public with science and technology; we have been on the road to be a leading enterprise in the electronics industry,


At the CeBIT exhibition in Germany, GOSCAM accelerated the international layout.