AWESAME IoT health and safety industry service platform, is a brand new all-area marketing industry service platform fully built by Shenzhen Gospell Smarthome Electronics Co., Ltd. in 2022, specializing in providing users with health and safety related high-tech products and intelligent services to meet the two most basic needs of human beings for health and safety.

GOSPELL Smarthome
After 18 years of industry accumulation
Established a good brand image and industry position
Relying on a strong professional R&D team and technology reserves accumulate steadily
Professional to provide users with health and safety products and services
Working together with others in the same field
Create an ecosystem of business interests and value
Running on a golden track to sustainability
Create and share a better tomorrow!
A new health and safety industry service platform
A brand new business model of marketing in the whole area
We are now in the process of attracting investment!

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